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If you are in need of a junk car removal service, look no further! At South West Cash For Cars we offer San Diego 100% free towing and car removal service when you need it. Plus we give you cash for the car that we remove for you for FREE! South West Cash For Cars will make removing your old car a hassle free and convenient experience. We stand by our promise to give cash for cars within 24 hours.

If you live in San Diego and have an old car that is just taking up room on your property or driveway and you don't want to pay for it to be removed, contact South West Cash For Cars and we will remove it for free plus pay you cash for the vehicle! It's that easy and this service is available right now in San Diego.

Our South West Cash For Cars team takes pride in vehicle removing as well as responding to your San Diego needs, and in a timely manner. We have the equipment and trained specialists standing by to assist you quickly. Now, you may wonder why we are more than just a junk car removal service. We realize that most cars have some value left in them and that is why we offer cash for your vehicle.

Now, how much cash you will get depends on a variety of factors such as make, model, year and condition, however, we take pride in giving you what you deserve for your car. We simply give you a couple cash offers and it is up to you whether or not you take them. We will even give you an offer if your car was financed or leased! South West Cash for Cars will do all this free of charge and truly stick s by our promise to provide San Diego with fast, reliable junk car removal service, as well as to get you cash for your car.

We service most of Southern California, including Orange County!

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